Back To Normal….

It seemed that life have come to standstill; when things doesn’t goes in our way, days are not ours, from our view everywhere we see is darkness and every other day is a bad day for us. Our mood swings. We often loses hope and become extremely sad. Disappointments and failures are assumed as our fates. People give us hope everyday but we don’t listen to anybody. We isolate ourselves and becomes extremely moody. It seemed that happiness have forgotten our home’s way. We smile just occasionally; this world looks like an enemy to us where we spend each day hopelessly and unwillingly. No close acquaintance, family and friend can make us feel better. We show that we’re normal and a happy person but deep inside we cry every moment, our heart breaks into pieces. Each night is difficult to spend. Tears don’t leave us. Life looks like hell.

But every night have a morning too. Time changes and so does the situation and scenerio. After alot of patience, tears of disappointment, rejection and failure we finally start getting things for which once our live was like hell. 

Thank You God!

We can’t thank God for all he’s blessing us. Each day is a blessing. Fulfillment of hopes, desires coming true and living our dreams becomes the routine of life. This is the time when things goes back to normal. Time changes definitely ; all we need is patience. Yes ofcourse! its human psychology that they start having negative feeling but its God’s rule of nature to test its people. We would surely get things which are for us but at the right time. Just have to hope for good, be positive and don’t let negativity ruin ourselves. After all the thing which is our will be ours at any cost.

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There are times in our life when we are  surrounded by close acquaintance but still  feel alone. Having one or too close friend to whom we are like an open book and still questions ourselves  either its right to share everything with them? We always have a feeling that the people are betraying us, they’re using us and most importantly they just talk to us to pass their time. Its really sad when somebody does it.How can someone be so cruel.We often get insecure; not only insecure but highly insecure which results in trust issues in every relationship. It makes us disturb and from a normal person we become one who doubts everthing. Ahan! Its a difficult situation to cope with. Every time we talk to some those insecurities haunt us and make us compile to think; like others they are also taking us for granted.
This all happens due to some people who are new to our life and in short period of time, we either expect too much from them or get attached. Time heals all wound but such wounds are difficult to heal as they’re directly connnected with our trust.


“That feeling when you’re not  necessarily sad but, you just feel really empty.”

Blank, empty are not just words which describes a place or a paper. Sometimes it’s often associated with one’s life. Living in a world full of  intrigues, mingy and heedless people; we often come to a point in life when we come across conditions where our mind is full of mess,we are hurt with words and behaviour. Life might be going through a zig zag pathway. We want to express alot; our feelings, emotions, sorrows, happiness and sadness but we can’t. Neither we can’t verbally express it nor can write it. We are completely blank!
Although we have a large no of friends cricle but, in this time no one seems to be worth. Even we are inexpressible to ourself. We are unable to understand what mess is we are going through.This is the most difficult part to survive. We are going through pain but don’t know how to say. We often short of words infact no words can describe that moment.
Sometimes it is also associated to over thinking. When we over think so many different aspects of things can connected making us totally confused. What ever the reason is; this is a hard phase of life when we have everything but still is “Blank”.

Ashes Memories!

I have step in to the world of cricket since the last 5 years. For some people might be not a great cricket fan who haven’t know about this game as they have known but, in these years what I visualize and learn is worth and this would continue as the process of learning carries on till we die.

England being one of my favorite team since the beginning. There’s nothing more an England fan could ask for when the arch rivals Australia is all set to tour. Yes, I am talking about “The Ashes”. Year 2013 was my first year when I enjoyed the full swing of this rivalry. Australian team arrived on English soil under the captaincy of Michael Clarke. Previously, England retained the ashes back in 2010-2011 and also 2009. The series include five test matches at Trent Bridge, Lord’s, Old Trafford, Riverside Ground and the Oval. Alastair Cook was leading the English team.England won the ashes 3-0 leaving the Kangaroo’s frustrated as, they lost the series consecutive three times. Ian Bell and Shane Watson scored most runs which were 568 and 418 respectively. Graeme Swann and Ryan Harris were the best bowler of that series.
The first match at Trent Bridge was won by England. Although English batsman didn’t put up a good 1st innings score, the bowlers does the job for the skipper. James Anderson took 5 wickets and restricted Australia to just 280 runs. Bell scored a century and which makes England alive in the game. Aston Agar, the young debutant who missed the maiden test century by just 2 runs didn’t scored much runs in the final innings of the game. Haddin and Agar’s 163 runs partnership was the highest 10th wicket in the test history. It was Brad Haddin who scored 71 runs in the 2nd innings but Anderson’s experience and swing bowling works, he took 5 wickets and England won the game by 14 runs.The second test match was also won by England by 347 runs. Bell and Root were the key players who scored century in the 1st & 2nd innings respectively. Bell becomes the fourth English batsman who scored century in three successive Ashes match.

When kangaroos started to perform well and were on the verge of winning so, the match was drawn due to rain and bad quality of light on day 4 and day 5. Australian skipper Clarke smashed a brilliant knock of 187 runs but all in vain. Kevin Peterson also scored a century in that match. What would I say, the final match as which decided the winner of the Ashes was the fourth test match. Inspite of Chris Roger and Bell’s century and Warner and Cook’s half century, it was the Stuart Broad who made the win possible. Bad light and rain continues but Broad’s 11 wickets made the dream come true. He was also declared the ‘man of the match’ for his outstanding performance. The final match of the series was again a draw. Bad light and rain  again interfere.Due to rain not a single ball was bowled on day 4. Australia performed really well and declared their innings on 492/9. Watson played a fabulous knock of 176 runs. The dramatic moment of the match was when umpires closes the play with just 4 overs remaining due to bad light.M Michael Clarke also argued with the umpire but it of no use as, England was yet again in a position to win that match.
Being a cricket fan is that you remember each and every detail. It might be boring, uninterested for many people but for some it’s beyond description. Sometimes it’s very hard to express a cricket season experience. Words aren’t enough. For me cricket is beyond description; it’s a passion, dream and somehow goal in one’s life.

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​Everyone in life have some dreams. Dreams can be about anything. Different and unique sort of dreams makes one’s life exciting. People with the hope of their dream live and enjoy  life by forgetting all the worries. Sometimes dreams are soo uncertain that it might change person’s way of life and thinking.

There are people who got a chance to full fill there dreams. They are the most luckiest one’s. Contrary, there are people who’ve a extremely hard time in full filling their dreams. This is indeed sad. But the dreamer won’t quit soo easily. He lives by his dream. The feeling of accomplishing dream is inexpressible. It’s like a fire in our heart, which burns and encourages us towards our goal.

 Life is not a bed of roses. It’s a road full of thorns. People often discourages for the kind of dreams we have.Only the one with strong self confident is bearable to such situations. There is no one in this world except ourselves responsible for crushing our confident.

Be confident and have complete faith in God along with patience because we get things at the right time. Work hard, have patience, believe in God and just be confident are some ways in my perspective for attaining one’s dreams.

Kuch Nahi…..

Kabhi kabhi hum bht udaas hoty hain, hamara mood kharab hota hai yah th phr hum bht pareshan hoty hain. Hum chahty hain k hum yeh kaifiyaat kisi sy share karay..krny ki khooshish bhi krty hain pr nhi kr paaty…Baat zabaan tk aaty aaty rukh jati hai. Wo uljhanae, pareshaniya, bht sawalaat sirf ek kafiyaat ki surat may hum pr taari hoo jati hai…. Aur akhair may hum bs yehi keh dey hain k,

“Kuch nahi bs yuhei”

The First One Day International…

The first One Day International between England and Sri Lanka was played in Trent Bridge, Nottingham, with England ended up with a tie after Liam Plunkett hit a six on the last ball of the 50 over.

England skipper Eoin Morgan won the toss and elected to field first. David Willey and Chris Woakes didn’t allow the Sri Lankan’s openers to settle down and managed to take three wickets in the first ten overs. After Chandimal’s departure on Ali’s bowl, skipper Mathews and Prasanna stick on the crease and took the score to 188 when the young man was out by Woakes. Mathews took the responsibility and scored 73 runs when he was removed by Plunkett. Sri Lanka set a target of 287 runs. Recent performance give an image that the target was not too difficult to achieve but, it didn’t seemed like that. Roy, Hales and Root were departed and a situation came when England was 86-6 and on verge of defeat.Buttler and Woakes showed some quality batting with scoring 93 and 95 runs respectively. Match reached to it’s turning point in the last over when 14 runs was needed in the last over. Nuwan Pradeep was given the ball and Liam Plunkett on strike hit the last ball six which resulted in a tie.Seriously, the game of cricket is totally Unpredictable, it’s like a roller coaster ride, situation changing every second. Completely unbelievable for the Lankan’s tigers.

It’s not the first time when England was stucked in such a situation.Last time when Sri Lanka toured England in 2014, a similar situation was faced but at that time Buttler came to the rescue. He also scored a maidan test century but unfortunately, England lost the match and series too. Winning is not just the efforts of a few people. It’s a complete team work.Woakes all-round performance would advantage England. Consistency is lacking somehow in batting which should be overcome to avoid such situations.On the other hand, Lankan’s tigers should learn from there mistakes. Last over, 14 runs, 2 wickets, not well set batsman on strike, it was not that difficult. Cricket is no doubt a cruel game sometimes, it’s entirely unpredictable like a rollercoaster ride. Let’s see what thriller both the teams brings in the next match which is going to be played on Friday.

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