Back To Normal….

It seemed that life has come to a standstill; when things don’t go in our way, days are not ours, from our view everywhere we see is darkness and every other day is a bad day for us. Our mood swings. We often lose hope and become extremely sad. Disappointments and failures are assumed as […]


There are times in our life when we are surrounded by close acquaintance but still feel alone. Having one or two close friends to whom we are like an open book and even questions ourselves either it’s right to share everything with them? We always have a feeling that the people are betraying us, they’re […]


“That feeling when you’re not ¬†necessarily sad but, you just feel really empty.” Blank, empty are not just words which describe a place or a paper. Sometimes it’s often associated with one’s life. Living in a world full of intrigues, mingy and heedless people; we often come to a point in life when we come […]


‚ÄčEveryone in life has some dreams. Dreams can be about anything. Different and unique sort of dreams makes one’s life exciting. People with the hope of their dream life and enjoy life by forgetting all the worries. Sometimes dreams are so uncertain that it might change a person’s way of life and thinking. Some people […]

Kuch Nahi…..

Kabhi kabhi hum bht udaas hoty hain, hamara mood kharab hota hai yah th phr hum bht pareshan hoty hain. Hum chahty hain k hum yeh kaifiyaat kisi sy share karay..krny ki khooshish bhi krty hain pr nhi kr paaty…Baat zabaan tk aaty aaty rukh jati hai. Wo uljhanae, pareshaniya, bht sawalaat sirf ek kafiyaat […]